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Thu Apr 27 09:43:32 MDT 1995

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I do not hold the rank file honest working class militants in the
CPUSA responsible for this reprehensible conduct.  They became its
victims as the leadership's conduct made it far easier to persecute
the CP than it would have been if the organization's relationship
with the Soviet Government, its monies and its secret agents, had
been different.

Do you really mean to imply that communists in the US should have had
more loyalty to the American State than to the Soviet State?

If so why?

Lisa R:  What has taking money from Moscow got to do with loyalty to
any State?  If Tim is saying that there are advantages to
independence from any State's control, I tend to agree.  Money is
needed and useful, but in this case it would seem to contribute to
the perception that communism was an invading force from the outside,
rather than a self-organizing movement of our own.

Of course, any communists/socialists who are self-funded descendants
of the Mayflower are still subversive to the status quo, so they are
still likely to be shot at (hopefully only metaphorically speaking.)

Lisa Rogers

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