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In a recent post, Boddisahtva seems to have joined the Capitalist Press in
referring to the Oklahoma Bombers as "Anarchists." As an Anarchist, I have
been disturbed by frequent references to the bombers as "Anarchists,"
particularly as this recent "unabomb" guy calls himself an Anarchist.
In other words, right now, things don't look too good for me and my
freedom loving comrades. Recall the usefulness of opposing the party of
"order" to the party of "Anarchy" for the right. People on the left should
not fall into this line of thinking that hurts *all* radical and
revolutionary movements.
   Most Anarchists I know fight for a free society. The Michigan Militia
does not support a free society. Bombing a building full of civilians does
not demonstrate the love for humanity that I associate with Anarchism or
Radical Democracy.  To use the Oklahoman Bombing in some kind of Marxist
attack on Anarchists seems to me to be unprincipled. We on the left are in
this together when the anti-terrorism bill passes, and it will be a shame
if the Communists allow the Anarchists to be the scapegoat for the nations'
ills. Why should Anarchists take the blame for the actions of right
wing fascists who only oppose state power because they want to
replace it with their own theocratic totalitarian regime? (Think
Ross Perot here?) Does this mean that every *revolutionary* (opposes state
power, wishes to see it overthrown) is equivalent to Timothy
   The right and left don't meet in Anarchy any more than
they meet in state socialism. Anarchists are among the most active
anti-facsist organizers in the United States as we support direct action by
the people (as opposed to more state repression) as a means for fighting
fascist groups, such as the Michigan Militia, the Posse Comitatus, the
Klan, and the nazi skinheads.
By the logic of your argument, we should
all support the state because it is the only means of achieving order in a
crazy world. This does not seem like good advice to me.-Rebecca Hill
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