Ralph Dumain rdumain at igc.apc.org
Thu Apr 27 10:15:55 MDT 1995

Scott Marshall's treatment of up-and-coming American fascism is
the best I've seen in the recent discussion of the aftermath of
the Oklahoma City atrocity.  I've yet to receive a response to my
poem which expresses a similar analysis rather more cynically.
Something must be done to channel the discontent of the white
working class more productively, or all is lost.  Amazing how
people continue to live by old myths even while they break down
before their eyes -- this we must think about.  How fatal for us
that the problem of the class struggle at the end of the 20th
century is still the color line.

In answer to Justin's question, for years I have recommended
Bertram Gross's FRIENDLY FASCISM to people all over the world
without having read it through myself.  Everybody I know who read
it loved it (the book, not the fascism).

I feel sobered after listening to an old tape of the greatest
American revolutionary of our time .... Fannie Lou Hamer.

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