gobalization & transnational corporations

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Scott Marshall writes........

>>>>>For those interested in the subject above I have available a five part
series of articles that ran in the Guardian (Socialist Party of Australia)
by it's editor Anna Pha. It has much up-to-date information and is well
written and easy to read. Especially interesting is the way it deals with
current privatization issues and other attacks on working people.
While I think it is very good, I do think its weakness is not discussing US
imperialism and its global role. Though Pha does not move in this direction
- many on the left (and some on this list) now fall for some variation of
Kautsky's "Superimperialism" I fear.

It is too long to post here but I will be glad to email the series to any
interested folks. <<<<<<<<<

I for one would be interested to read these articles if you're able
to e-mail them to me Scott. I think it's dodgy you saying people
are 'falling' for Kautsky's "Superimperealism". I for one have never
read a page of Kautsky but I've spent the last 10 years trying to
get an understanding of the current state of capitalism and when I
then read Lenin's "Imperealism.." I felt that it was not an adequate description
of capitalism today. Contrariwise, most of the British Left (trots,
communists etc) seemed to have read Lenin' "Imperealism.." but
took very little interest in what was going on in the world
economy today unless it could be easily fitted into Lenin's recipe.

I do not think that believing Lenin's "imperealism..." is outdated
implies that you embrace reformist illusions. It seems to me
that only revolutionary struggle by the working class will
get rid of capitalism. But it also seems to me that this has
to happen on a world level - which is why I welcome evidence
of the demise of the nation state.

Will Brown

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