Third camp, World Revolution

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Thu Apr 27 11:01:48 MDT 1995

Two quick notes:

1) The Third Camp:  No, the "third camp" wasn't defined in terms
of state structures, etc.  The term originally arose as
counterposed to the camps of "democracy" versus "fascism" in the
1930s to World War II period, and was carried over to the period
of "democracy" versus "stalinism" thereafter.  The basic tenet is
that there exists a third camp independent of those two sets of
alternatives--the camp of workers, peasants and oppressed peoples
in struggle (to use shorthand jargon), which not only is not
served by either of the main alternatives offered by the ruling
classes, but has interests directly opposed to both.  A similar
term was used by people in the "non-aligned movement" post World
War II, but had a quite different content.

2) C.L.R. James' ~World Revolution~: Be aware that this book was
written not long after James' conversion to Marxism and is sloppy
in some of its historical analysis and detail.  It's very good
reading, though.  (I think Leon Trotsky wrote a critical review
of it somewhere--possibly in _The New International_ in the


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