Some thoughts on the Oklahoma bombing

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Thu Apr 27 14:51:00 MDT 1995

Howie raises some interesting points. In reply:

>The differences between the 30s and now is long and I am probably stating
>the obvious in listing some of them:
> The scope of inter-imperialist rivalry between leading capitalist

IMO inter-imperialist rivalry and the war danger are rising radically. The
divison of the capitalist world into trading "blocks" like the EC, NAFTA and
similar treaty proposals in Japan and Asia are indications and aggrevations.

> The depth of the crisis: the worst this century

This can change rapidly and in IMO is.

> The legacy of WWI, especially in Germany (nationalist resentment;

While not the same at all a similar destabalizing effect is the dislocation
and chaos brought on by the setbacks to socialism

> The existence of the USSR as an alternative (however flawed) to
>        > The presence of mass communist parties in many countries, some
>waging armed           struggle (eg. China)
>All this produced a situation of tremendous instability and struggle. Though
>both these factors are surely present in the contemporary mix, we also need
>to recognize that we are in a non-revolutionary situation, to borrow
>Justin's phrase.

This is subject to rapid change.

>In this context I wonder whether there are grounds to think that the
>corporate elite has a strong interest in seriously promoting the "fascist"
>right. The right in general is in the ascendancy across the industrialized
>world and is able to achieve many of its objectives by "democratic" means.

So did German and Italian and Japanese fascism.

>First, forgive my ignorance (I don't live in the US), but what are the signs
>of the intensification of the class struggle,

The "Contract on America", the surprising number of new coalitions springing
up all over the country, new militancy and action in all levels of the tu
movement, the Oklahoma events

>and what is the new kind of
>polarization of politics that we can anticipate?

sharper - more emergence of radical right and growth of the left - more
confrontational kinds of mass struggle

>Second, if there is one
>"critical" question for the left, it seems to me that it is defining the
>nature of our alternative, socialism, so that we have something to offer to
>the working class and to other folks as well.

This will have to be done while we fight - if we wait for a consensus
"model" of socialism to emerge in the abstract then those who say socliaism
is far off are right but I fear history will pass them by.


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