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Thu Apr 27 17:55:46 MDT 1995

Yes, we live under a capitalist state which essentially represents the
interests of the large corporations and is repressive towards the working
class and poor.  However, it is the only state we have.  Therefore this state
also carries out certain necessary and progressive social functions.  For
example: social security, medicare, welfare, environmental protection,
national parks, and from time to time enforcing certain civil rights.

The Militias are hostile to this progressive social side of the state.  For
example, in Nevada they have forced those concerned with oversight of public
lands ou tof certains areas so that they can be exploited.  They oppose
social security, and virtually all aspects of a social net.    Their
"anti-statism" is absolutely reactionary.  There is nothing in common with
this approach and socialism.  If it is "anarchism", it is a form of
individualist anarchism outside the social anarchism of the workers movement.

If socialists are incapable of defending the social programs which exist
under the capitalist state we cannot expect to take workers to the point of
the need for social programs that threaten the current capitalist property

As I stated in my last post it is becoming clear that fascism in the U.S. can
and is being built around a program of anti-state extremism.  I know there
are some sections of the left who also preach an anti-state, anti-political,
anti-technology perspective.  I am saying they are wrong to do so and they
feed in their way a sentiment and movement which is extremely dangerous. (I
might point out that they are not Marxist either, as Marx was opposed to the
capitalist state yet saw a role for a workers state in the transition to a
stateless society.)

There are at least 40,000 people in the Militias.  Many of these are confused
conservatively-inclined working people.  But the core are conscious fascist
fanatics with conspiracy theories, racist hostilities and a determination to
use armed power to achieve their reactionary aims.

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