Anarchist Theory and Practice

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at
Thu Apr 27 20:39:43 MDT 1995

In re: Guy's post - what you say might hold true for recent Japan, but
does not hold water for the anarchists I've studied.  Proudhon,
Kropotkin, Godwin all produced significant if not prolific bodies of
theory; Murray Bookchin continues this practice today.  One could think
of Stirner as another example.  Anarchists have yet to produce a theorist
to equal Marx in scope and potency of thinking, but not for lack of
trying.  Surely there have been some anarchists who penned little -
Bakunin leaps to mind - but the same can easily be said for Marxists.  If
we want to delineate differences between these two insurgent strands of
thought - something this list has essayed from timne to time - we would
have to look at issues of the dialectic, the use value of various
institutions, localism vs internationalism, etc.

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