Mayans and ruling class stupidity

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Fri Apr 28 00:16:47 MDT 1995

		To whom...,

	I'd like to combine, for a moment, the discussions about foreign
capital and ancient ecological collapse.  Firstly, the Mayans are not the
only ones who may have fallen prey to their own excesses.  A recent article
in Scientific American shows the probable degradation of Greece during the
"Golden Age" by farm practices that resulted in erosion.  The Zimbabwe, teh
middle age city-state that was the equal, and the contemprary, of European
castle-towns may have been abandoned simply because of overgrazing.

	This relates to the discussion on foreign capital.  While I agree
that a slowing of foreign exchange transactions would intensify the conflicts
of capitalism, and could well lead to increased national investment, it doed
also remain true that reducing the efficiancy of the overall world economy
reduces the potential for proletarian benefit.  Capitalists have shoen in the
past that they are quite at home becoming ever more feudal as economic
distress increases.  Indeed that is one reason that I beleive that Socialism
is far more suited to a world economy.  Capitalists do not lack the means to
cope with hard times, and their logic allows little room for altruism,
community-mindedness, or even decent stewardship.

	Ecpanding economies is difficult work requiring the shouldering of
risk and responsibility, demanding cooperation and leadership.  Capitalists
would far sooner TAKE more than MAKE more.

	Does international capital make the target harder to hit, as it were?
I think not.  The foreign capitalist hands his opponents the weapon of
nationalism.  How many times have countries nationalized industries to spite
imperialist capital ?  Ultimately that approach simply demands good will from
the powers that enforce the isolationism.

	Certainly this argument may be, at the moment theoretical and
somewhat moot.  Clearly we have to undermine capital wherever it derives its
strength.  At the momoent the blithe international money-man seems awfully
smug, and in need of a whacking.  Ultimately, however, we will be forced to
deal with the same forces whatever shape they take.


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