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Fri Apr 28 00:42:08 MDT 1995

		To whom..,

	I seem to have stung Anarchists on the group with my remarks about
the anarchy (in the sense of mayhem and disorder) that the venal, swinish
terrorists recently created with their outrage.
	Firstly I do not associate the goals of the rabid with decent,
upstanding, fun loving, and serious minded Anarchists.  Secondly, I know
enough not to associate anarchy in the above sense, with anarchists.

	However, anarchists must remember that the statelessness they
propound, and indeed the temporary statelessness involved in any revolution
does require upheaval and the identification of the social orders created by
people of good will with wrong.  That requires the careful reasoning that
serious anarchists (such as those here) engage in.  But the aim of
statelessness qua statelessness is not restricted from any political bent of
mind.  Fascists love a vacuum.  Furthermore, those anarchists here should
realize that the stated goals of militiaists care not as far from their goals
as they would like to think.  While this has its obvious negative, the
positive is that the revolutionary energy is out there and growing.  There
are people of good will in, and sympathising with these organizations.  They
are ready to be guided, or misguided.

	Lastly, I put it to the Dialecticians in the group to react to the
proposition that conflict logically leads to counter-revolution as well as
revolution as conservatives who cling to atavisms become reactionaries who
try to inflict them.  To be honest, my reaction to the tragic and pathetic
scene was tinged by a feeling that chickens (or rabid bats) may indeed have
come home to roost.


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