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Fri Apr 28 01:14:44 MDT 1995

		To whom...,

	Two ideas coalesce:

	Mr. Schwarts rightly points out the history of right-wing anarchy.
He also rightly rejects the dimissal of anarchist thought. But is he too
quick to dismiss anarchism himself ?

	Mr. Chodos asks what socialism can offer the proletariat.

	Well, I am reminded of a right-wing capitalist tax revolt of great
note in the U.S. - The Boston Tea Party.  Clearly, that was a step in the
right direction (sorry British comrades).  What, among other things, can the
calm, moderate,high-minded socialist offer the working class ?   How about
"Don't Tread On Me".  If these misguided fools on the right see themselves as
the founders of a New Republic, why not give them a true democracy to try and
create ?  Surely the socialist (with anarchists as interpreters) can offer
the malcontent swine, fat from the rich table scraps of international capital
a challenge to assert their individual rights, and a model for a greater
and more disordered order to be the "Founding Fathers" of.  Their bellies are
full, their hearts swell, their heads are empty.  If we can teach them, and
reduce their blood venom content to 0.10 or less, maybe they can help drive
the car,.... well, at least slow in the driveway (from the movie "Rainman",
for foreign comrades).


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