Oklahoma and Utah!

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Apr 28 01:32:17 MDT 1995

		Ms. Rogers,

	To add to your "bar talk", I have read in two places that in large
conferences (read "klaverns") of militiaist, white supremacist, survivalist,
and neo-fundamentalist (pick and combine as you choose) groups, formation of
"cells" to insulate the larger group from its illegal and immoral activities
has been discussed and adopted, quite openly, on a "command" level.  My
reaction to the Michigan Militia chief's statements is really to suspect that
this was at least tacitly his intent in that group's association with the
accused bombers.

	On a note that will probably defame me, I was very
uncomfortable with the ATF's handling of the Waco affair.  I beleived
that it included unwarranted and idiotic use of force that was
unethical and would increase the paranoia of the weird.


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