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Fri Apr 28 01:30:04 MDT 1995

>I forgot to mention that these texts are also ably translated by
>Loyd Easton and Kurt Guddat in an out-of-print Anchor Doubleday
>volume called Writings of the Young Marx on Philosophy and

I have this volume as well as the Bottomore volume and maybe even
the Feuer volume, but none have the unabridged manuscript of the
_Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right_ (Law?), which is _Not_,
for the hundredth time, the same essay as "Critique of Hegel's
Philosophy of Right. Introduction" which is the essay usually
reprinted in these anthologies.

I don't trust anybody to abridge anything; I want to make my own
judgments as to what is important in a text.

But I digress.  Thanks a lot for your help.

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