Rightist Fantasies & the Economic

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Apr 28 01:59:39 MDT 1995

		To whom....,

	Mr. Schartz and Mr. Yasko are collaborating an some good points.
Aren't these Militia monkeys suffering rather classic alienation ?  After
being taught that adherence to small-town Nazi values would bring them
petit-bourgeiose prestige, these guys find themselves combining for Archer
Daniels Midland instead of owning John Wayne ranches (and grazing their
cattle for free on federal land), wearing an apron for Wal-Mart instead of
being the crotchety general store owner, and finding their clear-cut "I'm a
lumberjack" fantasy impinged on when whining lumber companies, forced to have
some modicum of environmental responsibility, actually (surprise, surprise)
cut wages.

	The only "government" these guys ever see is white rednecks
indistiguishable from themselves.  Clearly their perception of infringement
by Jews, Blacks, and other minorities like women (cough), must be a product
of the expansion of industrial capital (urban and inclusionary only by sheer
necessity) into the real "state" that dominates their political lives.


	By the way, are people sending one another mail directly, that
is then forwarded by the list somewhat later ?   I feel like I'm
reading reactions to stuff at the same time I get the stuff.  Anyone ?


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