boddhisatva foucault at
Fri Apr 28 02:30:57 MDT 1995

		To whom....,

	Among my multitude of sins, I have recently:

1. Sent letters with enormous amounts of forwarded garbage.

2. Spelled atrociously.

3. Been vague enough in my positions to cause confusion (what else is new?)

4. Been rather chatty.  (something of an ardently battled given)

	I have enlisted the aid of computer experts to try and solve the
first two, and enrolled in a program of savage beatings administered by
trained professionals for the latter two.

	I hope I can still be allowed to drive this metaphorical Mercedes of
intellectual discourse (produced in a cooperative worker-controlled shop, of
course), if only slow, in the driveway.

	yours as ever,

	boddhisatva the Rainman


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