CPUSA: Moscow's stooge -Reply

wpc at cs.strath.ac.uk wpc at cs.strath.ac.uk
Fri Apr 28 02:30:22 MDT 1995

 Money is
needed and useful, but in this case it would seem to contribute to
the perception that communism was an invading force from the outside,
rather than a self-organizing movement of our own.

Communism was not a 'movement of your own', but an
international movement, set up at the initiative
of the Soviets to promote world revolution.
Any class concious member of that movement owed
more loyalty to the Comintern than to their own
government. It would have been ludicrous for any
communist or communist sympathiser with access to
millitary intelligence on the US threat to the
Soviets not to have tried to pass the information on.

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