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Fri Apr 28 07:00:54 MDT 1995

No, I do not propose that the CPUSA should have been more loyal to the U.S.
state than to the Soviet state.  My suggestion is that they should have been
loyal to the WORKING CLASS!  The record suggests that time and again they
subordinated the real interests of American workers (for example: the no
strilke pledge  as well as opposition to the March on Washington of American
Blacks during WWII) to those on the ruling bureaucracy in the USSR.  Then
there was the Stalin-Hitler Pact, etc.  We should not need to go over this
history but there are still socialists, it seems, who are not yet ready to
face it.

The comments of the PLP member are simply a more extreme expression of the
same thing.

Literally millions of dollars in subsidy right up until 1987 certainly had
its impact on the ability of the party function in the interest of American

I would also suggest that for party members, with the knowledge of top
leaders, to engage in espionage activity for the Soviet Government was stupid
and foolhardy. Its effect could only be to jeopardize the party's legality
and therefore impede its ability to function as a representative of advanced
workers in the U.S.  Further, it suggests a disdain on the part of Stalin and
his clique towards the American party: they regarded it as a tool to use to
gain intelligence, or perhaps influence within the Federal government, rather
than having any real commitment to the struggle of American workers.

I am afraid that the record also indicates that Trotsky was murdered by
Stalin's agent with the direct help of the leadership of the CPUSA!  That was
a despicable act!

All the same I was very impressed by Dorothy Healey's fine book on her life
as part of the Party and by much similar reminiscences and "revisionist"
historical accounts.

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