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Just in case there is confusion:  it is clear to me, Ralph, that you
don't want the so-called "Contribution to a critique of Hegel's
philosophy of right. Introduction".  But your last post suggested that
you believe that you want the manuscript text to which this serves as an
introduction.  But no such text exists.  Again, what we have is a
manuscript that is, and is entitled, "Critique of Hegel's Doctrine of the
State".  Now, I guess since Hegel's doctrine of the state is a portion of
his Philosophy of Right (or Law), that one might want to assume that this
ms. of Marx is some portion of that phantom total critique of Hegel's
Philosophy of Right to which the "introduction." text appears to allude.
But I think that would be an assumption.  Santiago

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On Fri, 28 Apr 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> >I forgot to mention that these texts are also ably translated by
> >Loyd Easton and Kurt Guddat in an out-of-print Anchor Doubleday
> >volume called Writings of the Young Marx on Philosophy and
> >Politics.
> I have this volume as well as the Bottomore volume and maybe even
> the Feuer volume, but none have the unabridged manuscript of the
> _Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right_ (Law?), which is _Not_,
> for the hundredth time, the same essay as "Critique of Hegel's
> Philosophy of Right. Introduction" which is the essay usually
> reprinted in these anthologies.
> I don't trust anybody to abridge anything; I want to make my own
> judgments as to what is important in a text.
> But I digress.  Thanks a lot for your help.
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