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Guy, Please do offer your summary / review of Perversion and Utopia.
And thanks for your report on the right in Japan - this stuff doesn't
seem to make the news here much.

Lisa Rogers

>>> Guy Yasko <guyy at aqu.bekkoame.or.jp>  4/27/95, 05:06pm >>>
For this reason, now may be the time for another look at
psychoanalysis from a  Marxist perspective, which is just what Joel
Whitebook sets out to do in his new book, _Perversion and Utopia_.
(Cambridge, Mass: MIT, 1995).  On the  reccomendation of a friend,  I
picked up a copy while in New York recently.  Has anyone on the list
read it?  If not, I suppose I can give some commentary on it.
Perhaps Chris Burford has something to say about it already.

  Report on the Right in Japan:

    A huge group of right-wing thugs armed with nuclear weapons,
nerve gas, and  heavy artillery lives just down the road from me.
They call themselves the US  Navy.  Aside from them, we have a vast
number of rightist groups, which taken as a whole, are actually quite
powerful.  By assasinating members of the press and  through other
means of intimidation, they have been to set the limits on politic
discourse in certain areas, especially the emperor system.  Remember,
to set the limits is to control the conversation.  In this sense, the
ultra-right here is e in command.  Once rather hard to find, the flag
now flies over many school  buildings and government offices.  The
national anthem, a reactionary and dreary tune fetishizing the
emperor, plays more than ever.  The ultra-right's militaris gains
more and more acceptance with each passing day, even with the
"realist" wi of the "Socialist" Party (May they rot in Hell!).
Rightwing magazines dominate  bookstands.  This is nothing so unusual
to folks in the US, but it marks a break the recent past, when
leftist journals flourished.  The local library stopped ta the
Communist Party organ _Akahata_.  And so on, ad nauseum.

   No doubt you have heard plenty about the Oom people and the rest
of the  religious lunatics.  Most of them don't think of themselves
as rightists, though
Sokka Gakkai, known in the US as NSA, has a powerful and conservative
political  party called the Komeito (which the US media translates as
the Clean Government  Party.  Don't let the name fool you.  They are
all in favor of maintaining the u corrupt status-quo and the slush
funds that come with it.)   As Scott suggests,  absence of a healthy
left, this is what passes for dissidence and resistance in  and age.
If you look at their theory and practice, you find that they aren't
th different from the rest of society.  (Just as the Michigan Militia
probably shar lot with the Grand Rapids Rotary Club).  They're
hierarchical, elitist, authorit money grabbing, and sexist to the
core.  Only in a thoroughly depoliticized soci in which only a very
few bother with history and social criticism does one find  idiocy
passing for an alternative.


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