Text of the Unabomber's letter (fwd)

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at umich.edu
Fri Apr 28 10:35:27 MDT 1995

Is this an anarchist text?  In many ways, sure. The vision of an atomized
society is congruent with the work of Kropotkin, Makhno, and many
others.  The problematic of violence (note the ambivalence) recalls many
anguished such debates in classic anarchism, from Godwin through now
(nineteenth-century Russia has some great exemplars of this, as does
France).  The will to extirpate industrialism can be found in the pages
of current anarchist journals, such as ANARCHY and THE FIFTH ESTATE to
varying degrees.  Thanks to the poster for entering the text!

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

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