Kim Brian Gillespie gillespk at leland.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 28 10:51:19 MDT 1995

re: Ralph's query about Laird Wilcox.

In the WSJ article, Wilcox represents himself as a civil libertarian, who
after a stint in the SDS, came to understand that all ideologies led to
extremism.  My point, however, was that the militiants are not best
thought of as a fascist movement.  Fascism is an alliance between a
lumpenproletariate, capitalists, and a military institution.  That's not
the militia movement.  Instead, they are a right-wing messianic
communitarian movement.  Militias hate the State; they love their local
police.  Their solution to their problems, as they see them, is
seperatism.  Isn't that what the Branch Dividians were?  A separatist,
messianic, right-wing, religious group?  I think fascism is not the most
illuminating historical analogy by which to understand the militia
movement.  Mormonism is.

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