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  You fellows might be interested in an article in _Le Monde diplomatique_
which describes how multi-national corporations have effectively made
taxes voluntary.  "Corriger par l'impot l'inique repartition des richesses,"
in LMd, January, 1995, by Phillipe Queau.

The 1994 issues are all on line at  I don't know about
later ones.

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> Hey, bodhisattva --
> Quit your apologisin'.  I for one have read and enjoyed your posts, which
> make a welcome change from the often ponderous tone of much of what is
> posted here.  (I can be pretty ponderous myself.  ;-)  )
> On the matter of trying to control, by means of tax strategies,
> international capital flow: I'm not as worried as you that doing this
> will in any way make the world economy less "efficient", and so
> disadvantage workers.  The *vast* majority of international capital
> transactions have nothing to do with buying and selling actual goods, or
> should I say use-values, but are instead mere speculation on currency
> markets and the like.  The precipitous increase in the volume of these
> transactions over the past fifteen years or so has been destructive in
> many ways, I think, not least because national policies are now subject
> to enormous pressure brought to bear by the international bond market.
> (Examples of this pressure working: the change in course of the
> Mitterrand gov't after 1981; the realignment of the Chretien Liberal gov't's
> domestic policies after the '93 Canadian elections.)

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