Oklahoma and fascism

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Apr 28 17:25:09 MDT 1995

Guy - your questions about my post on the bombing were extremely garbled in
transmission - at least to my humble machine. So I only got the first
question your raised - realizing it was not your main issue. But..

"Content" is completely different than "system is in crisis". You're right I
don't think anyone on the left is content with the system. But some on the
left do overestimate the strength of capitalism and imperialism - and thus
also underestimate the severity of the impact of the crisis on working
people and also the social dislocation and economic instability of the
system in crisis. Thus they are surprised that there are so many pissed off
people, and they are surprised at how volitile political life is becoming here.

And not missing an opportunity to expand further....

The underlying economic and social crisis of capitalism is the driving
factor for the emmergence of the extreme right. Some features:

1) The monopolies need to drive down the working conditions and wages here
in order to be competitive with low wage areas and with interimperialist
rivals in major imperialist blocks - EC and Asian Pacific, especially
Germany and Japan (sounds familiar que no). Thus an all out assault on labor
and an intensification of racism and national chauvanism. This is *the*
point of the "Contract on America". Welfare, safety nets, social programs,
workers compensation, health care systems, pensions, etc etc, in short all
the hard earned gains of the class struggle stand in the way of further
driving down the historical and culturally accepted standards of existence
for the working class.

BTW this has been intensifing and "in the works" since the structural crisis
(S&T revolution) hit with such a storm in the early Reagan years.

Voila Reaganism.

2) Secondly for the same reasons the monopolies need to eliminate even the
minimal restraints posed by gov't regulation and standards. (All also the
result of working class struggle and movements.)

These are the main themes of the right from Reagan, Gingrich, Dole and
Graham to David Duke and Timothy McViegh. Subtle and not so subtle
variations on a theme.

BTW this is also maybe part of the reason for the ruralness of the
'militias'. They feel very threatened by some of the same regulations and
standards. Especially enviornmental. Ponder: not sure what the figure is
today but in 1992 family farms were failing at a rate of 80,000 per year. If
the bankers can convince you as they forclose that it wasn't their squeeze
and agribusiness monopolization that did you in, but gov't
regulation......remember the grazing rights issue and federal lands...

I suspect rural people see regulation and standards as almost exclusively
restrictive, in marked contrast to urban workers who daily rely on all kinds
of hard won regulation like minimum wage, health and safety etc.

3) Lastly, and this will piss a lot of my new friends here off...:-) but the
demise of socialism, warts and all, has greatly increased the potential for
war and fascism. Nothing restrains interimperialist rivalery and global
conquest now like the old Soviet threat once did.

To paraphrase E.B. White.... sorry for the length, if I had had more time I
would have made it shorter.


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