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I wonder if you could send me the email addresses for the ANC and



The African National Congress is committed to the free flow of
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| Tim Jenkin                                                  |
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| PO Box 16469, Vlaeberg          Internet: timj at   |
| 8018 Cape Town, RSA             CompuServe: 100014,344      |

>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'd like to combine, for a moment, the discussions
about foreign capital and ancient ecological collapse.  Firstly,
the Mayans are not the only ones who may have fallen prey to their
own excesses.  A recent article in Scientific American shows the
probable degradation of Greece during the "Golden Age" by farm
practices that resulted in erosion.  The Zimbabwe, the middle age
city-state that was the equal, and the contemporary, of European
castle-towns may have been abandoned simply because of

History has a way of repeating itself in different forms. I would
suggest that whereas the examples above were confined to
particular parts of the globe the global economy now carries the
same implications for the world. If the ruling class had so little
understanding and regard for the fragile resources of their small
regions in the past capitalism may well collapse due to
"overgrazing" in a global sense.

Long live the greens !!!

Our task is not to allow present day global capitalism take to
whole world to an ecological disaster.


Chris and the discussion of value theory.


One of the factors which seems to have been insufficiently taken
into account is the dynamics of the system.

Although the average cost or value of this may be equated with the
average value or cost of that in practice much exchange takes
place between the value or cost of this here and now with the
value or cost of that next or last week, in some other part of the

I am suggesting that "excessive" rates of exploitation or profit
is made by buying cheap there and selling expensive here. Or by
selling above the average value now something one bought an hour
ago ( Currency). The computer industry is a case in point where
most profit is made by selling now new technology above the real
use value and within 6 months its sale value is perhaps equal to
its use value and in a years time it is just as useful but its
sales price is well down.

I am suggesting that capitalists make excessive profits by surfing
the wave. The natural rise and fall of commodity prices, shares,
wages and so on gives rise to even more than the average if one
surfs the wave.

This is particularly possible in an expanding economy. Capitalism
as long as it is expanding provides such waves. Even if it were
static and we were only dealing with averages there would be
exploitation. The expanding and dynamic system allows the exchange
value to be unequal to the use value not only for the reasons you
put forward but because of the dynamics.

Slowly but surely the amount of money exceeds the concretised
labour it is supposed to represent.  The dynamic expansion allows
finance to balloon while industry is in relative decline. This is
only possible in the background of a dynamically expanding

The balloon will of course burst at some time.

I am not sure I want to live to see it because it will be
extremely painful for all especially the workers by and brain, and
in the cities and on the land.

Sorry but I am not an economists so my language may not be couched
in the appropriate terms.

Ron Press.

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