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  Thanks to Justin Schwartz and Mike D'Amore for their level-headed
and thoughtful posts on Anarchism. For folks on this list who are
interested in reading a more current/on the ground Anarchist stuff, I
recommend the _Love and Rage_ newspaper. For more theoretical people,
there's also a magazine called _Free Society_, which is not yet on the web,
as far as I know, but should be avail. at your local left bookstore. Other
good Anarchist papers are _Active Transformation_ (out of Michigan), _The
Blast!_ (Minneapolis), and the IWW paper on the West Coast.
   I haven't checked out the Love and Rage pages on the web, but I'm sure
they'll be interesting for both theorists and practioners.
-Rebecca H.

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Subject: Love and Rage on WWW
Howdy folx,

Love and Rage (a Revolutionary Anarchist Federation in Mexico, Canada and
the US, for those of you not in the know) now has a page on the
world-wide web (actually a series of pages) for your viewing pleasure.
The url is:


Resources available include:  the full text of the previous two issues of
the english-language newspaper (the current issue should be on within a
week or two), a Mexico page with links to some of the best Mexico
resources on the web, current discussions from the loveandrage list, a
discussion list intended primarily for members of love and rage for
political, strategic and tactical discussions, draft statement of the
anti-prison working group flyer on the abolition of prisons.  The pages
are developing every day, so drop in and see what you think.

comments to:

bright at nmia.com

[i'm hoping to put some links to good @ material on the net, but the only
good stuff i know of is spunk, a few resources on the burn system, and
the etext archives.  any other ideas would be helpful]

[nb:  las pa'ginas de amor y rabia contienen informacio'n en espan~ol
tanto que en ingle's.  si tienen alguna pregunta sobre la pa'gina o sobre
amor y rabia, favor de escribir a bright at nmia.com en ingle's o en espan~ol]

en solidaridad,
con cierta rabia, pero muchi'simo amor

todd prane
bright at nmia.com

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