Psychoanalysis and marxism

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Sat Apr 29 20:09:03 MDT 1995

Scott Mobley:
 > I quite agree with and appreciate these formulations. And I would add that
 > not only might projection and introjection be usefully understood as
 > concepts of human interaction at the social as well as at the individual
 > level, but also as concepts of mediation between the individual and the
 > social. These apparently mutually exclusive levels of analysis can then be
 > viewed as *moments* in a process of production, one of whose mechanisms is
 > introjection/projection.
 > But in noting the crucial role psychic processes play in production and in
 > the reproduction of the relations of production, we are getting close to
 > the Althusserian notion of interpellation. Thinking through the Althusser
 > ISA essay armed with the concepts of projection/introjection could lead
 > beyond the structure/agency problem which sometimes bedevils those
 > attempting to theorize ideoogy via the Althusserian schema.

Many thanks for the creative connection. Yes although I only met
Althusser this year thanks to Richard Wolff's promotion on this list, I
agree he clearly was working hard to make the link between the social and
the personal.

Despite in my view its counterintuitive form, the word
"overdetermination" of course deliberately alludes to Freuds attempts to
escape from Mechanistic thinking at the turn of the century.

This is an exciting connection, but can we check the handshaking?

Three concepts I do not immediately recognise. Could you please give a
definition and context?

* moments

* interpellation


Many thanks again.

Chris Burford, London

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