Third camp, World Revolution

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Sat Apr 29 14:20:20 MDT 1995

written by Tom Condit:
<1) The Third Camp:  No, the "third camp" wasn't defined in terms
<of state structures, etc.  The term originally arose as
<counterposed to the camps of "democracy" versus "fascism" in the
<1930s to World War II period, and was carried over to the period
<of "democracy" versus "stalinism" thereafter.  The basic tenet is
<that there exists a third camp independent of those two sets of
<alternatives--the camp of workers, peasants and oppressed peoples
<in struggle (to use shorthand jargon), which not only is not
<served by either of the main alternatives offered by the ruling
<classes, but has interests directly opposed to both.

What are those interests that are opposed to democracy and stalinism?


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