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Fri Apr 28 21:02:00 MDT 1995

On Fri, 28 Apr 1995, Jon Beasley-Murray wrote:

> I've been instructed by my program director at WBAI-FM, NYC, to help put
> together a radio show to celebrate Marx's birthday. The program will run
> from 7-11 PM (NY time) on Thurs May 4 (Marx's b'day is actually the 5th,
> but it'll be the 5th in Trier, so we're cool). Anyone interested in saying
> something about Marx(ism) today?
> If interested, please reply with your name, phone number, and a little
> precis of the points you want to make.

Justin Schwartz, 614 299 4536

ARound the turn of this (current) century, Rosa Luxemburg said that we hadn'r
caught up with Marx yet. That's more true now than it was then, even
though too many people who haven't read Marx think he;s been refuted by
the fall of Communism. In fact what fell inn the former Soviet Union had
about as much to do with Marx's communism as what we have in America has
to do with the democracy of Thomas Paine or Frederick Douglass. And now
that capitalism is global Marx's analysis is more relevant--and looks more
accurate--than ever. So too is MNarx's basic prescription--that ordinary
people can run their own political and economic affairs without having any
bureaucrats or capitalist bosses tell them what to do (or else!). Marxists
haven't anything to apologize for. And we have a world to win.

Doug--I will be in minor surgery on Thurs., so if you want me to say this,
I will have to do it beforehand.

--Justin Schwartz

> PS: Non-Americans too, please!
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