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>written by Tom Condit:
><1) The Third Camp:  No, the "third camp" wasn't defined in terms
><of state structures, etc.  The term originally arose as
><counterposed to the camps of "democracy" versus "fascism" in the
><1930s to World War II period, and was carried over to the period
><of "democracy" versus "stalinism" thereafter.  The basic tenet is
><that there exists a third camp independent of those two sets of
><alternatives--the camp of workers, peasants and oppressed peoples
><in struggle (to use shorthand jargon), which not only is not
><served by either of the main alternatives offered by the ruling
><classes, but has interests directly opposed to both.
>What are those interests that are opposed to democracy and stalinism?

I think Tom Condit really meant the quote marks around "democracy."
The third campists of those days would have called it capitalism or
Western imperialism.

The world working class is interested in freeing itself from the exploitation
and oppression of capitalism in every form (or of "bureaucratic collectivism"
in the third camp view). Our interest is, among other things, proletarian
democracy -- a far cry from the bourgeois "democracy" that masks vast
inequalities between classes.

Walter Daum

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