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Someone on either Left-L or Marxism-L asked if there were any
figures on the French election returns other than those for the
main candidates.  I can't find the original question, so I'm
posting this to both lists in hopes that people won't find it to
boring, and adding a note on the Italian regional elections.


Lionel Jospin, Socialist: 23.3%
Jacques Chirac, UDF (rightist): 20.8
Edouard Balludur, Gaullist: 18.6%
Jean-Marie Le Pen, fascist: 15%
Robert Hue, Communist: 8.6%
Arlette Laguiller, Voix Ouvrier*: 5.3%
Phillipe de Villiers, monarchist: 4.7%
Dominique Voynet, Green: 3.3%
J. Cheminade, independent: 0.3%

There will be a runoff between Jospin and Chirac.

*I'm not sure if this is the current name of Laguiller's group.
They are a dissident-Trotskyist (split with "the Old Man" in
1940, but not on the same grounds as Schactman et al. in the
U.S.) group with a very strong base in a few unions--rail, auto,
bank clerks union.  Laguiller was if I recall correctly a
prominent leader of a national wildcat strike of bank clerks in
the late 1960s or early 1970s.  Perhaps someone with a better
knowledge of the group could post something on this.  I think
this good showing for Laguiller is quite significant. The overall
showing of the left, if you count the socialist, communists,
trotskyists and green is 40.5%.  Not terrible, but not so hot
either if you consider that the French Greens aren't very left
wing on the whole and many of the "socialists" richly deserve to
have quotes around the word (ditto the "communists" but they are
a bit more to the left).


My local fishwrap, the San Francisco _Chronicle_, had a headline
"Center-Right Wins In Italy."  The actual results are:

Center-right coalition (Forza Italia, fascists, Christian
Democrats): 43%.
Center-left coalition (ex-communist PDS, Greens, Catholic
miscellany): 41%.
Communist Refoundation Party: 9%
Of the 10 out of 15 regions where election were held, the Center-
Right won six, the Center-Left seven, two undecided.

Not exactly the sort of thing I'd slap the headline "Center-Right
Wins" on.  Of course, given Italian politics these days, who
knows what any of it means?
Tom Condit

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