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I'd like to repeat my recommendation of the work of the analytical
anarchist Michael Taylor, whose work tends to be neglected by anarchists
because it's hard-headed and analytical, by Marxists (even analytical
Marxists) because it's anarchist, and by bourgeois political theorists,
even rational choice theorists (and Taylor is one) because it's lefty. The
work is of intrinsic intellectual interest in showing how far left you can
get with a basically rational choice framework (farther than you think!),
and it matters to Marxists who worry about whether communism, with a
stateless society, is a sensible goal. A good and nontechnical place to
start is with Taylor's Community, Anarchy, and Liberty, then move on to
the more technical Cooperation and Society.

Also, another analyticak anarchist of interest is Robert Paul Wolff (not
to be confused with the post-modern Marxist economist Richard Wolff). He
has  little book called In Defense of Anarchism. But he's more interested
in Kantiann arguments for anarchism as a moral demand than with the sort
of modelling of the possibility of amarchism than Taylor provides.
Nonetheless he's also always clear and interesting.

--Justin Schwartz

On Sat, 29 Apr 1995, Rebecca Hill wrote:

>   Thanks to Justin Schwartz and Mike D'Amore for their level-headed
> and thoughtful posts on Anarchism. For folks on this list who are
> interested in reading a more current/on the ground Anarchist stuff, I
> recommend the _Love and Rage_ newspaper. For more theoretical people,
> there's also a magazine called _Free Society_, which is not yet on the web,
> as far as I know, but should be avail. at your local left bookstore. Other
> good Anarchist papers are _Active Transformation_ (out of Michigan), _The
> Blast!_ (Minneapolis), and the IWW paper on the West Coast.
>    I haven't checked out the Love and Rage pages on the web, but I'm sure
> they'll be interesting for both theorists and practioners.
> -Rebecca H.
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> Subject: Love and Rage on WWW
> Howdy folx,
> Love and Rage (a Revolutionary Anarchist Federation in Mexico, Canada and
> the US, for those of you not in the know) now has a page on the
> world-wide web (actually a series of pages) for your viewing pleasure.
> The url is:
> http://thales.nmia.com/~bright
> Resources available include:  the full text of the previous two issues of
> the english-language newspaper (the current issue should be on within a
> week or two), a Mexico page with links to some of the best Mexico
> resources on the web, current discussions from the loveandrage list, a
> discussion list intended primarily for members of love and rage for
> political, strategic and tactical discussions, draft statement of the
> anti-prison working group flyer on the abolition of prisons.  The pages
> are developing every day, so drop in and see what you think.
> comments to:
> bright at nmia.com
> [i'm hoping to put some links to good @ material on the net, but the only
> good stuff i know of is spunk, a few resources on the burn system, and
> the etext archives.  any other ideas would be helpful]
> [nb:  las pa'ginas de amor y rabia contienen informacio'n en espan~ol
> tanto que en ingle's.  si tienen alguna pregunta sobre la pa'gina o sobre
> amor y rabia, favor de escribir a bright at nmia.com en ingle's o en espan~ol]
> en solidaridad,
> con cierta rabia, pero muchi'simo amor
> todd prane
> bright at nmia.com
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