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Sat Apr 29 21:44:11 MDT 1995

		In response to Mr. Walker,

	I agree that credit markets, both international and national, have a
corrosive effect on governmental economic policy.  Thus they certainly should
be subverted and their demands ignored as so much whining.  My question is
whether international credit, as such, should be opposed by Marxists
theoretically.  Credit is always a sticky question in Marxism.  International
business is always a concept easily, and viscerally reacted to be promoters
of proletarian interests.  We have to always question ourselves, however as
to whether we have a Luddite streak in our attitude towards the logic of
exchange, particularly international exchange.

	Thanks for the reassurance, by the way.  It's always nice to see
someone pat the slow boy on the head.


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