French and Italian elections

Walter Daum WGDCC at
Sat Apr 29 21:41:12 MDT 1995

Arlette Laguiller was the candidate of Lutte Ouvriere, years ago known as
Voix Ouvrier. Her 5%+ showing was impressive for a proclaimed revolutionary
candidacy. But I think in the past two other "Trotskyist" groups used to run
candidates, the LCR and the OCI/PCI. Is it possible that LO's total is
just the sum of votes that all three far left parties used to get?

As for the overall showing of "the left," not only are the Greens not so
left, but Socialist Jospin ran a campaign, as far as can be judged from
the NYTimes, that wasn't always to the left of Chirac's. Chirac has now
jumped to the right to win LePem voters on the second round.

In any case, Laguiller's good vote seems less significant, unfortunately,
than the strong rightist turnout, especially LePen's 15%.

Walter Daum

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