Oklahoma Events and Request for help

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Sat Apr 29 22:57:04 MDT 1995

		To whom.....,

	Not exactly appropos to any particular aspect of current discussions,
I have a sort of survey question.  What are the attitudes of people on this
list towards gun control ?

	For my own part I am a Brady Bill supporter (except for the
half-witted "assault" weapons ban - but that's really just a question of
"how" rather than "whether"), who nonetheless feels the Second Ammendment is
an integral part of America's revolutionary culture.  I feel there is really
some value in political evildoers of whatever stripe knowing that people CAN
go home and get the shotguns off the wall.  It may seem like somewhat
dangerous naivete, but ultimately, I feel it's an important aspect of
self-determination - if only symbolically (and I reall don't think that it is
just symbolic).

	Anarchists ? anyone ?


ps - I'm sorry if this message is a little Americo-centric.

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