Call Pepsi! (fwd)

boddhisatva foucault at
Sat Apr 29 23:29:24 MDT 1995

		Ms. Jena See (sp?)

	Hold on there, comrade sister.  Whither comest the defeatism ?
Remember Exxon ?  There are still Exxon gas stations taking in 10% less than
their competitors in areas of this country, since the Valdez disaster.
Besides, the point is to forward the notion that an exploitatively derived
product isn't WORTH anything, despite whatever sweet, cola refreshment it may
bring (I LIKE Pepsi, too, rats).  The point is to try and tell people that it
might as well say "Fascist Cola" on the label.  Who'd drink that ?  Okay, so
it might sell in Idaho, but that's really not a big segment of the market.

	I think I'll go and pour myself a big glass of R.C..  Okay, so it's
Pepsi, I had it in the house already, I swear, I was shopping in the middle
of the night, it was on sale, I wasn't thinking.

	God, the shame of it.  I'll write them another nasty letter.  I'll
put F. C. on the return address.  Hah ! that'll engender a little panic in
the Mail Room I bet,... bastards.

	from one who was tempted, and lapsed.

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