Crisis of capitalism?

boddhisatva foucault at
Sun Apr 30 00:11:58 MDT 1995

		In response to Mr. Chodos,

	I believe we can define crisis both in terms of the discontent
evidenced by the oklahoma incident, and the disillusionment of the rich that
Ms. Gillespie pointed out.  If we only look for some "objective" economic
"evidence" of economic crisis, don't we fall into the same camp as teh
capitalists who try and tell us that the "economy" and the "market" is some
independent, alien force with a life of its own.  Crisis is certainly
socially constructed.  The crisis has come, and will intenstify when people's
confidence in the system has eroded enough to cause the complacent people
alarm.  Clearly, the only "economic" condition that needs exist for an
antithesis to take place is the full commoditization of value.  When the
largest employer in the U. S. is a temporary employment firm, we have that
condition in spades.  Will we wait for overtricks ? or lay down our cards,
and claim the rubber ?


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