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Sun Apr 30 07:00:55 MDT 1995

I continue to believe  the Militias represent a nascent fascist movement.
 Certainly they concentrate on the Federal government rather than local
government.  But this may be because they feel they can penetrate and control
local government for their purposes.  They have clearly done this in Nevada.

Also I think it is a mistake to dismiss them as a purely rural phenomena.  We
have them here in Fremont and San Leandro which are by no means rural areas.
 Like the right wing churches, there are close links between rural areas and
city dwellers with rural pasts.

The main point, however, is that fascism will not develop here in the same
form that it developed in Europe.  The Militia phenomena suggests that
ideologically it can base itself upon a "Stirnerite" individualism and
semi-anarchism utilizing myths of the frontier and distortions of aspects of
the ideology of the early American revolutionaries.  The Militia are thus, in
their way, romantics, (as was Hitler's movement) idealizing a mythical,
 almost pre-state past, as they are repelled by the the kinds of changes
being wrought in a  mega-capitalist present.

When we see  a movement with a real working class and petty bourgeois base,
 a nationalist program, deep hatreds of socially progressive movements
(ethnic minorities, women, gays, envoronmentalists), a conspiracy theory,
which preaches imminent catastrophic civil war, AND arms, if we don't have
"fascism", we have something just as dangerous!

These people would like to organize an insurrection which would really
establish a police state in this country.  Of course, they do not have that
potential NOW.  Yet if you see 40,000 or more armed men who are willing to
use those arms, who hate you, I for one am concerned!

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