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Sun Apr 30 07:58:45 MDT 1995

The AFL-CIO News reports that Pepsi sent Staley a letter urging them to
resume bargaining and to get down to a settlement. They didn't say they
would not use Staley sweetner, but the threat was clearly implied. That
means that *right now* the threat of a boycott is particularly important in
this struggle.

Pepsi and Coke are particularly sensitive to the threat of boycott because,
according to a report I heard on NPR both have lost sales in the last year -
due in part to the fact that there seems to be a trend away from soft drinks
- Health? who knows - but strike while the cola is flat and sting Staley.

>From the Illinois War Zone
(Staley, Catepiller and Firestone/Bridgestone)


>I heard the other day that Pepsi has joined Miller beer and officially
>stopped buying corn syrup from Staley.  Is this true?  Does anyone know
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