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Sun Apr 30 10:54:40 MDT 1995

Maybe the militia movement is a fascist movement.  However, because
lefties many time call people they don't like fascists, I am skeptical.
Without a doubt, the militia movement is an anti-Semetic, racist,
homophobic, anti-Statist right-wing movement.  But, if they are fascist,
I'd like to know how.  The _Wall Street Journal_ (28 April 1995) ran a
front page article by Tony Horwitz showing how terrifying and wrong-headed
and paranoid these folks really are.  Horwitz quotes Michael Hill, a
University of Alabama history prof and militia man: "It is open season on
anyone who has the audacity to question the dictates of an all-powerful
federal government or the illicit rights bestowed on a compliant and
deadly underclass that now fulfills a role similar to that of Hitler's
brown-shirted street thugs of the 1930s" (A1, Western Edition).  How,
maybe Hill is himself a fascist and is just calling the underclass (that
is, the Jewish banker in league with poor blacks and probably the
freemasons conspiracy) the Brown Shirts because he's such a clever Public
Relations person.  Or, perhaps, he really believes the Federal government
represents a fascist threat to the United States (just the same way he
believes in any number of conspiracies).  The problem is this.  The left
calls the militias fascist.  The militias call the Feds fascist.  Do we
have some criteria by which to adjudicate these competing claims?

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