Oklahoma and fascism

Kenny Mostern kennym at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 30 11:39:17 MDT 1995

> Are you kidding? Which is the bigger threat--the secret police of the
> mightest imperialist power on earth, with the whole resources of the state
> behind it, or a bunch of right wing nuts who make bombs out of fertilizer
> and can't remember not to speed in trucks without plates when they blow up
> a building?
Justin, the problem I have with your common sense answer here is that it
seems more than likely that institutionally the far right militias and
the FBI are related, certainly in ideology, quite likely in personnel or
at least connections.  Which is to say:  the FBI, like the entire federal
goverment, represents the two major right forces in this country, the
business elite and the racist populist right.  These overlap but are
certainly not identical.  It is reasonable to assume that the
proliferation of rightist militias  is related to the balance in power
within the state repressive apparatuses (not only the FBI but the local
police forces, and quite likely the military) in ways that tend to
reinforce the racist populist right.  Now, obviously, we are fighting
both forms of the right-wing, as well as trying to track the ways in
which they are interrelated.  But asking the question, who is more
dangerous, has a concrete pragmatic reality:  fascism, which would in
fact be worse than we have now, depends on the coming to power of this
populist right, or perhaps I should say, the business elites falling into
line with the populist right.  (The business elite is not presently
inclined to do so because doing so really would effect the personal
freedoms that they and their families prefer.)

I worry not so much that the right-wing militias are more dangerous than
the FBI, then that the right-wing militias form the only viable challenge
to government as usual right now, and in doing so are entirely capable of
taking large portions of the loyalty of the governing forces with them.
As leftists we cannot be happy with that, since it ought to be us that is
challenging government as usual.

Kenny Mostern
UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Graduate Group

Against:  racism, sexism, homophobia, capitalism, militarism
For:  the truth--and the funk!

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