value, price and profit...

Scott Marshall Scott at
Sun Apr 30 15:19:06 MDT 1995

In response to several and no one in particular....

To me the main point of understanding use value and exchange value etc is in
being able to understand and explain to workers surplus value and the
rip-off there of....

Is there a serious challenge here to the notion that labor creates all
wealth? If not labor then what or whom.....?

Isn't the complexity of the relation of value to prices, profits, currency
and etc due in large measure to state monopoly intervention and controls on
the economy - made even more distorted by transnationals and new forms of
global exploitation...? Also compounded by gross amounts investments and
expenditures on military and other destructive junk world wide but
especially by US imperialism...?

As to alternate forms of ownership under socialism, any syndicalist notion
for running a complex industrial and technological system seems to me silly
beyond repair on its face.


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