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Tue Aug 1 06:52:55 MDT 1995

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, han wrote:

> We are not a Trotskist party, I think Nicaragua has thougt us once again
> that there is no good in the theorie of ongoing revolution (I hope this is
> English).

Louis Proyect:
Welcome to the list, han! This Marxism list is in embryonic form the kind
of organization that is needed on a world scale: Marxists talking and
listening to each other, and eventually perhaps working with each other.
Furthermore, nobody is ever censured or expelled from this list, and
nobody's ideas are accepted or rejected except on their merit.

So, I must ask you a question. I worked for a number of Nicaraguan
government agencies in the 1980's and got a pretty good insight into the
dynamics of the Nicaraguan revolution. My question is this: what do you
understand by Trotsky's theory of ongoing (or permanent) revolution?
Also, what is there about the Sandinista revolution that disproves this

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