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Question ---
For those who favor lifting the arms embargo...

I for one would like to see them armed the same day, sure.
Unfortunately, that is not likely, unless we arrange for somebody
else to do it, which is also unlikely.  But even if it happened, it
might still be too little, too late.
There is obviously no good answer, but the present situation is very
frustrating to me.  Has the UN intervention thus far done any good?
Maybe it has saved some lives just by giving some people more time to
try to get out of the way, to become refugees before the murdering
Serbs arrive.  And food.

But I find it just infuriating to have the UN act as deathkeepers.
To the extent that they are doing no good anyway, their removal would
be small loss.

On the other hand, short term, serious intervention and defence of
"safe" areas could save lives, temporarily, and that is very
appealing to me.  But it is not likely to be the US that does it.
And if anyone does, they will probably end up with a long-term,
insoluble mess on their hands.  But we should do it anyway.

So I'm not really in favor of just lifting the embargo if it is to
result in immediate annihilation.  Perhaps the embargo never should
have been put on in the first place, but then there is the chance of
it spreading in various ways....

This is very very depressing.


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