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On 1.08.95 Leo casey wrote

>"I just returned from a week long educational issues AFT conference in
>Washington DC, where I visited with a number of old comrades, including one
>former leader of the CPUSA who has far more tolerance than I for reading CP
>publications. She told me that Gus Hall had been taking the line in CP
>publications (People's Daily World, etc.) that the reports of the massacres
>and ethnic cleansings in Bosnia were the propaganda of the
>capitalist/imperialist press, and was supporting the Serbs. The logic, it
>appears, is one of support for the "Socialist Party" in the former Yugoslavia
>(primarily Serbia proper), based on solidarity among former CPs.
>Are other Stalinist CP remnants taking similar lines in Great Britain, Canada
>and Europe? It would be interesting to know, and a very interesting
>reflection on some of the historical questions (Hitler-Stalin pact) we have
>been discussing the past few weeks."
>I ame a new subscriber to the group so the the historical queqtions about
the Hitler stalin Pact is not familliar to me. (the debate in the group).
>But I do not see any relation between the positons on Bosnia and this pact
wich made the victory upon the Nazi army possible.
A I ame member of a Belgium Communist party (PVDA/PTB) (Belgium is a litle
country in the midle of Europe), not a former CP.
I woul like to ask the next question.  How come alle Neo Nazi groups in
Europe are proud to have close relations with Croatian Militia's.
How come the USA is supporting "Moslims" in Bosnia.

By wich I don' mean the Serbes are the right side, but by wich I would like
to notice that it is our task to report the propaganda of USA and Europea,
Gouvernemnts.  They are not interested to save the live of some poor
Bosnians.  Don't tell me the French gouvernment is really concerned about
the Bosian worker wile in the mean time they continue testing their Nucleair

As for me, I support those poeple in yugoslavia who want an Unified
socialist Yugoslavia.  Yes those poeple exist.
And for those who did not knouw, those poeple wher put into concentration
camps by... Tito.  Becolse they where Stalinists.
Tito was the last you can call a stalinist, it is pitty he would not ave
done such crasy things with Yugoslavia if he would have been a Stalinist.


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