Bosnia and CPUSA

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Tue Aug 1 18:35:31 MDT 1995

I posted this last night, but it never made it through:

I just returned from a week long educational issues AFT conference in
Washington DC, where I visited with a number of old comrades, including one
former leader of the CPUSA who has far more tolerance than I for reading CP
publications. She told me that Gus Hall had been taking the line in CP
publications (People's Daily World, etc.) that the reports of the massacres
and ethnic cleansings in Bosnia were the propaganda of the
capitalist/imperialist press, and was supporting the Serbs. The logic, it
appears, is one of support for the "Socialist Party" in the former Yugoslavia
(primarily Serbia proper), based on solidarity among former CPs.

Are other Stalinist CP remnants taking similar lines in Great Britain, Canada
and Europe? It would be interesting to know, and a very interesting
reflection on some of the historical questions (Hitler-Stalin pact) we have
been discussing the past few weeks.

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