Internet Chat Relay: A Forum?

Jim Jaszewski ab975 at
Tue Aug 1 18:40:36 MDT 1995

On Wed, 2 Aug 1995 P8475423 at wrote:

> Of course, I'd like to go beyond "just" face and present OHPs, etc.!
> But as for chat, it's a great idea when I'm awake and you are too,
> but not so hot when it's 3am here and 2pm in your part of the world.

	Well, Oz is Oz -- what can you say??    :>

	Our global animal has run smack into the objective existence of a
spherical Gaia. (How I wish for a flat Earth..!)   |>

	Ozians are just gonna hafta rely on caffeine-crazed cowboys to
converse with -- unless they themselves are so-crazed...  |>


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