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Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 1 19:26:22 MDT 1995

		Casey's "solution" will cost more lives in the long run.
Even in the short run.  Remember the firepower brought to bear by
Imperialism during the Gulf War.  (I bet Casey supported the Gulf War by
the way).
	The raw material for "internal revolutionary processes" is
already there.  A revolution is made as well as born.  But Casey is not
interested in making a revolution.  Anywhere.

				-- Jeff Booth

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995 LeoCasey at aol.com wrote:

> In replies to my comments concerning the genocidal situation in Bosnia, Louis
> Proyect and Jeff Booth write:
> Proyect:
> Genocide means extermination and unfortutely this term is being bandied about
> today with no regard for history. If the choice is not between "genocide" and
> imperial intervention, but rather one between a brutal civil war and imperial
> intervention, then some of us might be persuaded to stop doing cheap
> imitations of Anthony Lewis.
> Booth:
> Imperialist powers create the conditions for and perpetuate genocide.
>  (Including Yugoslavia).  Your "choice" is no real choice at all.
> And I say:
> This is an inane debate which reminds me of the recently discussed orthodox
> Trotskyist position on World War II, where "participation" in a mass
> revolutionary upsurge which existed only in the imagination of the
> Trotskyists is offered as a real, practical alternative to support for the
> anti-fascist front. It reminds one of why Lenin called this type of
> ultra-leftism an "infantile disorder."
> The day when there was an alternative other than outside military
> intervention which would stop the carnage in Bosnia has passed. The Germans
> saw to that, and the rest of the West sat by while they did it. Although I am
> far from confident that such intervention will take place, and that genocidal
> 'ethnic cleansing' will be stopped, it is bizarrely delusional  to think that
> there is some internal revolutionary process in the former Yugoslavia which
> would being this extermination to an end. This type of political purity is
> bought at the price of real human lives.
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