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Wed Aug 2 03:28:28 MDT 1995

There is nothing like a critic who states your argument more succinctly and
strongly than you do yourself, so for the following I thank Steve:

>Rakesh makes some observations on my employment of the dialectic of
>the commodity to critique the labor theory of value, one relating to
>whether Marx was legitimate to confine his analysis to the use-
>value of labor-power, and the other whether the value enhancing role
>of machinery is to increase the value extraction from labor-power,
>rather than regarding it as a source in its own right.

After having read Steve's journal articles (I am having trouble accessing
his dissertation on the Web Site), I would like to make one point.  I found
most interesting Steve's history of the development of the Marxian
dialectic as a critique of Proudhon's attempt to forge a dialectical
understanding of political economy.  About this I would like to hear more.


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