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Christopher Gunn 1k1mgm at KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU
Wed Aug 2 10:01:36 MDT 1995

Jon Beasley-Murray <jpb8 at> wrote:
>On Tue, 1 Aug 1995 LeoCasey at AOL.COM wrote:
>> Am I the only person out of the bovine loop? What, pray tell, is a MOO?
>Hmmm... difficult to explain this.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but I can't find a reference to
the phrase for which MOO is an acronym, if it is an acronym....
MUD=Multi-User Dungeon, got that.  Aren't there some other
entities in this class?

>But perhaps one of those who are into this could give a succint
>explanation as to why, and as to why a marxism room on a MOO could be a
>good thing.

My own experience--admittedly with older, slower [the VAX VMS world]
software--of 'chat' messaging is that it is subtly maddening:  the *pace*
is all wrong and the subjective effect is jerky and distracting.  In the old
days [!] when I was actually logged in somewhere a lot of the time, I'd
occasionally get text on my screen from somebody who'd noticed I was
logged in and wanted to communicate with some 'chat' utility--I think
one was 'talk,' there was another on our in-house VAXes--and I'd
usually lose patience and tell 'em to cut it out and send me some e-mail....
Doesn't happen much anymore since I've got NNTP/news and e-mail
clients running on my Mac and I'm seldom logged-in live.

But, then, I'm left-brained and linear as all get out;  a lot of people
seem to get off on this.

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