David Langston dlangsto at nasc.mass.edu
Wed Aug 2 12:21:43 MDT 1995

If a recurring right-wing fantasy is that government is
evil and that small groups of indigenous people who live
off the land are good, then "Dances With Wolves" hardly
registers as a progressive film in a Marxian framework.

I haven't seen it yet, but "Waterworld" looks like another
right-wing apocalyptic fantasy in which the world has
been reduced to primitive tribal conflict (another page
from "Dances with Wolves") and True Grit and True Love
for the alienated outsider and his family will win
through....sounds like "Rob Roy," Pocahontas," "Speed,"
"Die Hard," and a whole legion of Hollywood productions
that follow this masterplot.

If Kevin Costner is a card-carrying Hollywood right-winger,
he has lots of company...both in the present and in the
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